09/10 2020

GoldBroker Moves Its Headquarters to London (UK)

After ten years of activity in Malta, the management of the GoldBroker/OR.FR Group has decided to move its operational activities to the United Kingdom.

Thomas House – 84 Eccleston Square
London SW1V1PX
United Kingdom

Starting September 9 2020, the group’s headquarters will be established in London. All trading operations (buy/sell) will be carried out from the London office.

The strong growth in activity, the proximity of many major players in the precious metals market, and the international development of the group, make it necessary to move closer to one of the world’s leading physical gold trading centers (London Bullion Market Association – LBMA).

A partnership with a major British bank has also been established to ensure the smooth development of the group’s activities.

This migration is also accompanied by the opening of an office in Barcelona (Spain).

“Ten years of continuous development have enabled us to reach a critical size that today gives us the opportunity to establish ourselves directly in the heart of the physical gold market in London. Our company is now recognized internationally as an important player in the allocated and segregated physical gold storage business, so it was logical that we decided to move our headquarters to London”. Fabrice Drouin Ristori, Founder/CEO.

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