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Precious Metals

  • Gold :

Gold is money and has been money for over 5,000 years. Each and every paper money experiment in History has failed. Gold has always maintained its purchasing power, whilst public deficits and money printing have always destroyed the value of the paper currencies. Gold is the enemy of all the paper money systems because it stands against the insidious political goal of devaluating the currency.

Gold has already proven its role of preserving value for millennia. With most of the sovereign States, as well as the whole of the world banking system, experiencing important financial difficulties, preserving wealth today is absolutely crucial. This is why it’s important to hold physical gold in one’s portfolio.

>> Gold bars available: 1oz, 100gr, 1kg, and 1oz coins.

  • Silver :

Silver is also a monetary metal, it preserves wealth. Silver today acts more like a commodity during good economic and geo-politic times, but as soon as there are signs of a coming crisis, it becomes a monetary metal again and acts as “poor man’s gold”.

Contrary to gold, silver has hundreds of industrial and medical applications and is being used more and more, while the supply is dwindling. Silver is a lot more accessible than gold for ordinary people and its actual price should be considered as a buying opportunity.

>> Silver bars available: 100oz, 1,000oz, 1kg, and 1oz coins.

Our Services

  • Secure storage : proposes an alternative storage solution for precious metals, outside the banking system, that eliminates any and all exposure to risks linked to the existence of intermediaries between investors and their precious metals (a storage account is open in investor’s full name).

The secured vaults operated by our independent storage partner, Malca-Amit, are located in Zurich (Switzerland), New York (USA), Toronto (Canada) and Singapore.

While facilitates its clients’ investments in precious metals, ownership becomes direct. does not store precious metals in the name of its clients, thus there is no intermediation for the storage of physical gold.

  • Home delivery : offers home delivery services of physical gold and silver (bars, ingots or coins) in Europe and the United States as well as customized secure transportation services for delivery worldwide on request.

  • Personal Withdrawal from Secured Vaults :

A personal pick-up service offered directly at the vaults (Zurich, Singapore, New York and Toronto) is also available.